Welcome to Cavendish Hall

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207 52nd Street

Charleston, WV 25304


Summer, 2019

Last Fall, we started our 23rd year of presenting exciting concerts in the converted Methodist church now known as Cavendish Hall!  We haven't kept an entirely accurate count, but with vocal and piano teaching recitals along with guest artists, we figure that over 160 concerts have occurred here.  You can easily find us on 52nd Street, one and a half blocks toward the river from MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City.  Parking is on the front and the side of the house, and more parking is available at the two businesses at MacCorkle Avenue and 52nd Street. Turn at Dixieland Carpets. If you are at the house, please park straight in, so we can get as many cars parked as possible.

About Us

History of the Hall

Cavendish Hall is the former George Wesley Atkinson Memorial Methodist Church, originally constructed in 1929, but after six years of trying to make it during the Great Depression, it folded. The property was sold on the courthouse steps in 1936 to a local lawyer who immediately turned it into a four unit luxury apartment. It lasted as a four unit apartment for 59 years through five different owners the last of which did not want to be in the apartment business after trying it out. It was sold in 1995 to Jonathan Cavendish, a local Realtor and musician, and immediately remodeled into a first floor living unit and a second floor recital hall which has the capability of giving small if but important concerts to audiences usually about 65-70. Our Spring 2018 concert, a part of FestivAll, 2018 drew 90 people!  They were sitting on the steps to the choir loft, in the choir loft, and six were standing! In the 22 years that it has been Cavendish Hall, there have been more than 160 concerts given, many of which having been recitals by piano students of Vicki Cavendish, a local piano teacher. From time to time, visiting artists show up and want to put on a recital and the public is always cordially invited. There is never a charge for the concerts, but audience goers are always asked to make a donation to the artist. The hall measures 35 x 70 and on the far end, there is a 12 foot stage which has two 7 foot grand pianos.  No second class music here!  All the performers are Carnegie Hall quality.  Really good.  Audience members and regulars have come to expect superior musicianship and fabulous music.

The concerts are always followed by a lovely reception that often lasts longer than the concert!   

Our motto is: "You are a stranger here once!"

You MUST at all times abide by the Rules of the House, however...


1.  There are no rules.

2.  When in doubt, refer to rule #1.

3.  If there is not enough food on the serving table, get more out of the refrigerator.  Or from the closet. You are basically on your own. Corkscrew is in one of the kitchen drawers.  There is always wine on the counter in the kitchen.

4.  Last one out, turn off the lights and shut the front door.  Vicki and I probably have gone to bed. Try not to make too  much noise when it's after midnight...

5.  At all times, remember Rule #1.